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Nanguang Electrical Maximize the business automatic coffee machine
Time: 2023-02-24

Over the past ten years, due to the change in the lifestyle of young people, office coffee has gradually entered more and more enterprises. Unlike real coffee lovers, the users of office coffee machines are more concerned about the quality of coffee and the convenient and fast way to obtain it on the basis of the gradual improvement of the requirements for coffee quality.

In the early 1990s, an open China ushered in a large number of joint ventures, which not only brought business development, but also brought office coffee culture. In the early stage, except for a few large foreign enterprises that choose office coffee machines to grind coffee, instant coffee accounted for a considerable share.

Around 2000, due to the rise of the Internet, it became a trend for network companies to configure coffee corners in tea rooms. Service providers specialized in office coffee have gradually emerged. Most service providers adopt the mode of renting office coffee machines+selling coffee machines. Even if enterprises purchase a certain amount of coffee raw materials, they can obtain coffee machines at low rent or rent free.

Today, the demand for office coffee still depends on this way, and this demand is gradually increasing with the development of society. In addition to the water dispenser, the coffee machine has become an indispensable existence in the tea room. At the same time, the development of technology has also made the office coffee machine more intelligent. When you drink coffee with the same taste in the coffee shop, you only need to go back to the company and make it by yourself.

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